HOLIDAY COTTAGE FOR SALE in Romania 17,500 Euros   4 comments

Perfectly situated, within a short driving distance to capital , Bucharest “the Paris of the East”

Simply, a great opportunity to purchase a reasonably priced second home in the sun!

Cheap flights! To the capital Bucharest

Easy driving to, “Dracula`s Castle”

World class Ski Resorts

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Bears, Lynx and wolves in the mountains

Romania is as beautiful and untouched as the south of France a few decades ago, be one of the first of many to invest whilst prices are still low.

Why is this house so cheap? compared with other houses in Romania, I hear you say, well the reason is simple, as I am fully aware of the present “economic climate” and I wish to sell, it is not a “scam” in any way, you will not “pay a penny” until you have had the deeds fully checked with a lawyer to your own satisfaction, the deeds for this house are “watertight” 

So yes, even by Romanian standards, it is a very low price, taking into account the fact that it has been fully modernized, you can also live in it all the year round if you so wish, as I do. 

If you are in the position to take advantage of the current “property market” this holiday home presents an excellent investment opportunity for the future.

One important point is that you are purchasing a property here in Romania, that benefits from the new form of title deeds, this property has been officially measured and fully registered in the land office with myself as the sole owner, you are not purchasing a property that still requires to be officially registered, as many do, often with several owners, with all the uncertainty involved with such a purchase. In this case, as I have the full documentation necessary, you are able to purchase the property right away, giving you peace of mind.

Since January 2013 the law has been changed,  “foreigners” are allowed to own houses and land in Romania without the need to set up a Company, they can purchase in their own name.

This renovated traditional Romanian house sits on the edge of the village of Casota, the “best side“ which means that it benefits from an uninterrupted view of the setting sun in those wonderful long sunny days here in Romania, as you will see anywhere on the internet, the climate here is excellent!

The size of the land is 1266 square meters, the house 86.38 square meters.

The house consists of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, The dining room is next to the kitchen, and is glazed along it`s length, looking onto the terrace, which has a pergola covered in grape vines in the summertime.

The house is surrounded by a large garden, plenty of room for a swimming pool etc, again the swimming pool would benefit from the sun all day, nothing to shade it. With the investment of a swimming pool, the house would have a good holiday rental return.

Water is from my own well, sewage is by septic tank, also a rubbish collection service. Public Gas supply is available, but not installed.

The “running costs” on any holiday home, is something to be considered, that is the taxes due on the house and land each year, locally, every country has them, well this house, last year 50 Euros, yes actually less than 50 Euros. 

TV, fixed telephone with an option of cheap international calls, and good internet connection, wifi, which means you can sit in the garden with your laptop. The TV is Romtelecom, and has many films, series etc in English.

The village has 2 general shops plus a small pharmacy, there is a kindergarten for small children.

Cheap international flights to Bucharest the Capital, whizair, bluesky, etc from London.

CONTACT,  Moray Letham, email address,

Telephone,   fixed  0040 238 787 587        Mobile 0040 761 574 009

Something that may be of interest, when I sell this house, I will be remaining in the village, I am not leaving, so naturally I will be on hand to “help out” if it is to be a holiday home, I can recommend someone trustworthy to look after it, also help with the garden in general, maybe grow some real vegetables! for your holiday, things like that, because I know only too well arriving in a foreign country, how difficult things can be.

Kitchen, 3 meters by 3.55 meters, 9 ft 8 ins by 11 ft 8 ins

Kitchen, 3 meters by 3.55 meters, 9 ft 10 ins by 11 ft 8 in

Bathroom, 2.80 meters by 1.65 meters, 9 ft 2 ins by 5 ft 5 ins

Dining room, in the afternoon sun, 5.20 meters by 2.20 meters, 17 ft by 7 ft 3 ins.

Sitting room, 3.60 meters by 3.80 meters, 11 ft 10 ins by 12 ft 6 ins.

The main bedroom, 3.10 meters by 4.65 meters, 10 ft 2 ins by 15 ft 3 ins.

Second bedroom, 2.90 meters by 2.65 meters, 9 ft 6 ins by 8 ft 9 ins.


The cost of living in Romania is by EU standards very cheap indeed, living here in Casota, you can buy so much local produce, produced organically, from fresh cheese, milk and eggs, to so many different vegetables grown here in the season.


August, a Plum tree in the garden, laden with fruit!                        Another tree in the garden

The village of Casota is close to Romania’s capital, Bucharest, at less than 50 miles (82 km), also the Otopeni international airport.   The road from the capital is the main motorway to north-eastern Romania. Casota is 2 km from this main road, after the small town of Urziceni. The town of Buzau is about 27 miles, {45 kilometers)  following the same motorway.

Bucharest has many attractions,  with its cultural scene, 37 museums, 22 theaters, 18 art galleries, opera houses and concert halls.

Medical advantages of being within an hours drive of Bucharest,  Dentistry, there are the most up-to-date facilities anywhere to be found, where crown and bridgework  costs are very much less than the UK and many other countries in Europe, with such low airfares from London, Bucharest is one of the “dental tourism” destinations, also Private Hospitals, where operations can be carried out with highly trained and experienced surgeons, again such a reasonable price, with no “waiting time”

North of Bucharest, the foothills of Wallachia give way to the Carpathian Mountains.and the beautiful Prahova Valley, where the popular ski resorts of Predeal, Busteni and Sinaia are located. Sinaia is also home to the magnificent Peles Castle – a masterpiece of German new-Renaissance architecture, considered one of the best-preserved royal castles in Europe. In the summer time, these resorts are starting points to hiking trails in the nearby Bucegi Nature Park.

Romania is indeed a country for all seasons. A country for lazing in the sun and taking it easy, touring for cultural enrichment, for winter sports, hiking, fishing, horse riding, boating and activities of all kinds.

From the  village of Casota, the city of Brasov is 106 miles, ( 170 kms) to the north, where The International Jazz Festival is held in May,  The International Festival of Contemporary Theatre, April 5-25 , The International Pop Music Festival ” The Golden Stag”in September.  In winter skiing is the obvious attraction. The best-known of a group of resorts is Poiana Brasov, Well-preserved tracks of up to 4,500 m length range from difficult to easy. Most of the instructors are English, German or French speakers. Nightlife is intense, with bars, discos, folklore shows and cabarets.

Here is the link from a recent article in The Daily Mail Newspaper–ROMANIA-revealing-related-Vlad-Impaler.html#ixzz1i5yDuThb

Prince Charles is passionate about the country and owns a holiday home in picturesque town of Viscri

     Prince Charles holiday house

“Intriguingly Charles is incredibly passionate about Romania. Indeed, he loves the area around the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania so much that he has bought a holiday home in the region and recently said in an interview: ‘The genealogy shows I am descended from Vlad the Impaler, so I do have a bit of a stake in the country.’ Charles secretly bought the simple, white-washed property in the heritage site of Viscri in 2005 with the help of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, a British-based charity which works to preserve Romania’s historic Saxon villages from destruction, of which he is patron. He paid £18,000 for the three-bedroomed, 18th Century farmhouse. Viscri lies in a picturesque valley in the heart of Transylvania, north-west of Brasov, and is comprised of men and women of mainly of Romanian and gypsy origin. It has already won many of  Europe’s highest awards for cultural restoration and economic regeneration. Charles has visited the village several times and is so taken with the simplicity of local life that he holidays there each summer. He and his security team sleep in the traditional white-washed village house – complete with wooden truckle beds and outside toilets – and drink locally-pressed organic apple juice. The house is rented out to overseas tourists when the prince is not in residence.”

ABOUT ROMANIA Romania is situated in South-Eastern Europe, between latitudes 43-37’07” and 48-15’06” North and longitudes 20-15’44” and 29-41’24” East, extending approximately 480 km North to South and 640 East to West. The country has an area of 237,500 sq. km and a population of over 23,000,000 of which 89% are Romanians, 7% Hungarians, 2% Gypsies, with small minorities of Germans, Ukrainians, Serbs, Slovaks, Turks, Czechs, Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Poles, Albanians…

 The Carpathians form a mountainous arch in the centre of the country, bordered on both sides by hills and plateaus and there are great plains off the outer rim.  Forests cover over a quarter of the country and the fauna is one of the richest in Europe including wolves, bears, deer, lynx and chamois.

 The mighty Danube forms the southern boundary of the country ending with the Delta or the Black Sea, a haven for countless local and migratory birds. Countries sharing borders with Romania are Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldavia and the Ukraine. The mighty Danube forms the southern boundary of the country ending with the Delta or the Black Sea, a haven for countless local and migratory birds.

Forget Spain: Go to Romania, say experts

Investors are tipped to try Romania instead of Spain this year by property experts.
Schoenherr Lawyers highlighted less established markets, including Bulgaria and Romania, at the IPD/Property Investor Europe Central and Eastern Europe Conference last week, noting that banks have large real estate portfolios to sell.
Prices will fall, predicted the lawyers, making the Romanian market more attractive to Western Europe’s more familiar alternatives.
“It’s going to be very dynamic and volatile, a very exciting investor atmosphere,” partner Denise Hamer commented.
Office properties in Bucharest were also highlighted by an Austrian firm, reports Property Showrooms, following high demand for a new shopping mall in Ploisesti announced last month.

Romania real estate investment surges by 189pc

Investment in Romanian real estate surged by 189 per cent in the first quarter of 2012.
Property Magazine International reported that £78.9 million was ploughed into the country’s commercial property at the start of the year, almost a 200 per cent increase upon the last quarter of 2011.
Mixed-use property and residential sectors saw the biggest increase in investment, while prime yields in official and retail sectors remained steady around 8.5 per cent.
The news follows advice from Schoenherr lawyers this week, who suggested that property prices would fall in Romania, making the country’s real estate a more attractive place to invest compared to turbulent eurozone markets.
Source: Property Showrooms

Romania property prices climb to 2006 levels

Monday, July 23, 2012 Source: Ivan Radford
Romanian property prices climbed in the second quarter of the year, according to the latest figures.
EFG Eurobank Property Services SA report that residential property prices rose by 2 per cent across the country. This increase, Business Review reports, follows an increase in the first quarter of the year, leading the average value of Romanian homes to reach levels last seen in 2006.
Bucharest boasted the biggest boost, with values jumping by 5 per cent compared to the beginning of the year.
“In contrast, the index shows a negative trend for Brasov,Iasi and Cluj Napoca. During the first two quarters of 2012, most of the large cities of Romania recorded positive performances, led by Braila, Ploiesti and followed by Galati, Constanta and Craiova,” reads the report.
The figures lead to positive predictions for the rest of the year: “The recent upward trend will prevail and keep improving residential price levels in the next quarters,” concludes Business Review.

For further information on the sale of this house,

 CONTACT,      Moray Letham,

Telephone, fixed  0040 238 787 587         Mobile 0040 761 574 009


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